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Patrick Harris - Leading Alcor's Evolution

February 23, 2022 Max Marty & Daniel Walters Episode 19
Cryonics Underground
Patrick Harris - Leading Alcor's Evolution
Show Notes

In this episode, Max and Daniel speak with Patrick Harris, the CEO and President of Alcor. Patrick is speaking with us today on several major new initiatives he's been working on over the past several months. We'll be doing both a reveal of Patrick's new initiatives along with a deep dive into the thinking and goals behind them.

Before his role at Alcor, Patrick was a healthcare executive, innovator, and business strategist with experience in the healthcare industry including McKesson and Safeway Corporate Pharmacy. Having experience in healthcare technology, products, and services, and managing a couple billion in revenue. He is a named inventor on more than 40 non-public patent applications.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Patrick's background and how he came to his position at Alcor
  • The obstacles that Alcor had historically struggled with
  • Alcor's business model - Research, Education, and Growth
  • Alcor's new Enhanced Agreements and Online Signup process
  • Alcor's new permanent prepay option
  • New Member Options
  • Pet Cryonics
  • Age Based Due Structures
  • The new Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) Program
  • Alcor's future ambitions
  • And much more...

 As always, you can find Max and Daniel over at the Cryonics Underground Channel in the Cryosphere Cryonics discord chat server.


Alcor's New Business Model PDF

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