Cryonics Underground

Robin Hanson - Conformity & Cryonics (+ Guest Host Nikki Olson)

April 14, 2022 Episode 20
Cryonics Underground
Robin Hanson - Conformity & Cryonics (+ Guest Host Nikki Olson)
Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast, Max is joined by special guest host and previous guest, Nikki Olson.

For the first time, we're are also publishing the video of our full conversation over on Youtube! You can find it at :

Today, Max and Nikki are speaking with long time Cryonicist Robin Hanson. Robin is an associate professor of Economics at George Mason University and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute. He's published several books and papers including the Age of Em, The Elephant in the Brain, and most recently a paper on what he calls "Grabby Aliens" a followup to his earlier line of inquiry around the fermi paradox and the possible great filter in front of us. He's also published on the subject of Cryonics for over a decade, much of which can be found on his popular blog, Overcoming Bias

  • Why aren’t more “contrarians”, like Robin, interested in Cryonics?
  • The idea of offering to pay for (or defray the cost of) Cryonics for our friends?
  • Max’s “GoFreezeMe” idea - to allow anyone to contribute to the cryopreservation of anyone else.
  • Prediction markets & Cryonics.
  • How could the Cryonics industry grow more quickly in the coming years?
  • Theories on why there aren’t more women in Cryonics.
  • Revival scenarios & bringing resources with you.
  • Plastination and room temperature storage ideas.
  • The “Uncanny Valley” problem with Cryonics?
  • Brain uploading vs biological repair.
  • Why are Cryonicists so… normal?
  • Overrated or underrated including: 
    • Pet Cryonics
    • The Simulation Argument 
    • and more

You can find both Max and Nikki over at the Cryosphere Discord server or email the pod at cryonicsunderground [at] G mail .com