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Carrie Radomski - Reshaping Cryonics in Canada

July 21, 2022 Episode 22
Cryonics Underground
Carrie Radomski - Reshaping Cryonics in Canada
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Carrie Radomski, President & Board Member of the Lifespan Society of British Columbia.

Carrie is a geoscientist, writer, artist, crypto enthusiast, gold explorer (yes, the kind that goes looking for gold in the Yukon), and much more.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The Lifespan Society
  • Carrie and her family's long legacy of contrarianism 
  • Her varied political leanings, past and present
  • Carries career as a gold explorer in the Yukon!  
  • The legend of the Sour Toe whiskey...
  • Life extension enthusiasts vs Cryonics enthusiasts
  • Gold vs Bitcoin as store of value
  • How small planes are more dangerous
  • The Lifespan Societies legal challenge of the Crown 
  • The future of the Lifespan Society as an SST organization 
  • And much more...

You can also check out our new YouTube version of the episode!

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