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Kai Micah Mills - Why Pet Cryonics Matters

August 25, 2022 Episode 23
Cryonics Underground
Kai Micah Mills - Why Pet Cryonics Matters
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Kai Micah Mills. Kai is the Founder of Cryopets, the first company focused on pet cryopreservation. Before founding Cryopets, Kai founded and ran several entrepreneurial ventures the tech space. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Kai's history as a tech entrepreneur
  • His views on the value (or lack thereof) of traditional schooling
  • Growing up religious, and the impact of a religious background
  • The life extension tech tree
  • Why the life extension community doesn't embrace Cryonics
  • Cryopets - what it is, why work on this, where it is now, and where it's going
  • Kai’s precise vision for how he intends to execute 
  • Kai's responses to major objections to his Cryopets plan
  • How the Cryonics's industry’s existing views on pet cryopreservation have been detrimental to Cryonics as a whole
  • And more!

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