Cryonics Underground

Max More - Advocating for More Life

February 03, 2021 Episode 4
Cryonics Underground
Max More - Advocating for More Life
Show Notes

In this episode, Max and Daniel speak with Dr. Max More. More is the Ambassador and President Emeritus of Alcor and is well known for his public media interviews, his excellent essays on the Cryonics industry, and his philosophical writings. In today’s podcast, More and the gang speak about:

  • One-minute elevator-pitches that you to use to explain Cryonics to the cryo-curious. 
  • The personality traits that make you more or less inclined to Cryonics.
  • Difficulties in marketing cryonics.  
  • The amazing things Alcor could achieve with much greater resources.
  • The relationship between and among Alcor and other Cryonics organizations.
  • Fostering community within the Cryonics movement.
  • Promising new areas of Cryonics research.
  • More's thoughts on the "Warren" equation and chances of Cryonics success.
  • Our new overrated or underrated segment.

We cover all these topics and more (!) in this exciting discussion with a titan of the community. 

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