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Dennis Kowalski - (Part Two) -- Next of Kin

March 05, 2021 Episode 6
Cryonics Underground
Dennis Kowalski - (Part Two) -- Next of Kin
Show Notes

Daniel and I have finally managed to dig ourselves out of the great Texan freeze of 2021 to bring you part two of our two-part episode with Cryonics Institute president Dennis Kowalski.

In this part we cover:

  • What is preventing people from signing up for Cryonics and how did Kowalski go from a Cryocrastinator to fully signed up? (Hint: a magazine called Omni!)
  • How has Kowalski changed the organization since he started having a say over its strategic goals?
  • The differences between The Cryonics Institute and Alcor, and how should a consumer select between between them?
  • The importance of the Cryonics Institute check-in app for individuals living alone and similar circumstances.

Please note: Like the first part of our interview with Kowalski, the audio in this episode is a bit rough (though better than part one). But also as before, we worked hard to minimize these issues so we could bring you Kowalski's wisdom, and hope you find this discussion on the merits of proper Cryonics planning (among other things) as valuable as we did.

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