Cryonics Underground

Aaron Drake - Lessons from the Frontlines and Far East

March 26, 2021 Episode 9
Cryonics Underground
Aaron Drake - Lessons from the Frontlines and Far East
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Aaron Drake. Aaron is the Director of Research and Chief Specialist at the Yinfeng Institute for Biological Sciences, based in Shandong, China. He previously worked as a Senior Medical Response Consultant for Alcor and also serves as the Managing Director for Arizona Medical Sciences. He was recently featured in the Netflix Documentary: Hope Frozen. 

In today’s wide ranging conversation we discuss:

  • What happens during Standby, Stabilization, and Transport
  • How Aaron Drake minimizes the three major types of damage: Ischemia, Ice Formation, and Decomposition
  • Clinical death vs legal death vs physiological death
  • What’s a “field washout” is, and how it differs from a “field cryopreservation” 
  • The power of county health departments and why you should plan to die on a Tuesday
  • Why your pet might get a better cryopreservation than you
  • How to deal with hospital or hospice personnel, the funeral industry, and other pieces of the puzzle
  • The Yinfeng Institute and the current state of Cryonics in China
  • The cultural differences between the Chinese and Western attitudes towards death and the afterlife
  • The scalability of Cryonics in the highly populated China
  • Lessons taken from the infamous Chatsworth incident

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