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Nikki Olson - On Life Monitoring Devices

July 23, 2021 Max Marty & Daniel Walters Episode 12
Cryonics Underground
Nikki Olson - On Life Monitoring Devices
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Nikki Olson. Nikki is a writer and researcher in the field of futurism and trans-humanist topics and she is currently working as a software engineer. She is one of the worlds top experts in the field of life monitoring as it pertains to Cryonics. 

In today's conversation we discuss:

  • Nikki's journey to becoming interested in Cryonics
  • How Nikki decided life monitoring was an issue that needed to be solved
  • The current devices and software available on the market
  • What differentiates a traditional life monitoring device from ones that could be used for Cryonicists
  • The challenges in retrofitting current devices such as the Fit Bit or Apple Watch for specialized purposes
  • The possibilities of open source software for creating a useful product
  • The pitfalls of life monitoring alarms and false readings

And much more...

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