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Joseph Kowalsky - on Faith and Cryonics

August 19, 2021 Max Marty & Daniel Walters Episode 13
Cryonics Underground
Joseph Kowalsky - on Faith and Cryonics
Show Notes

Joseph Kowalsky is a long-time Cryonicist and Officer at the Cryonics’s Institute’s leadership team. Joseph is also a financial consultant and has spoken publicly on behalf of Cryonics at various events in the past. Joseph is leading the fight to promote organ cryopreservation via the Cryo-prize. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Joseph's Orthodox Jewish upbringing and its relationship with Cryonics
  • How he interprets the intersection of faith and Cryonics
  • Misconceptions about religious Cryonicists
  • Joseph's memories of Robert Ettinger, the Founder of Cryonics
  • How the Cryonics Institute keeps its prices so low
  • The need for better organ Cryopreservation
  • Joseph's involvement with the Cryo-Prize
  • Musings on the Modern Star Trek Movies

And much more...

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