Cryonics Underground

Eric Vogt - The ICEman Cometh

October 27, 2021 Episode 15
Cryonics Underground
Eric Vogt - The ICEman Cometh
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Eric Vogt. Eric is a veteran paramedic, a pilot and one of the two co-founders of I.C.E. - International Cryomedicine Experts. I.C.E is a highly experienced standby, stabilization and transportation company.

In today's conversation we discuss:

  • What I.C.E does, and how their organization benefits cryonics.
  • Eric's background and how he came to work with Aaron Drake
  • A refresher on Standby, Stabilization and Transport
  • Why you may want to add private chartered flight to your cryo-plans. 
  • The challenges of bringing neuro patients through airport security.

And much more...

 As always, you can find Max and Daniel over at the Cryonics Underground Channel in the Cryosphere Cryonics discord chat server.

Links for I.C.E :