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Lisa Harris - Trusting in Trusts

November 18, 2021 Episode 16
Cryonics Underground
Lisa Harris - Trusting in Trusts
Show Notes

In this episode Max and Daniel speak with Lisa Harris. Lisa is an Alcor member and an advisor to the board of directors. She is also on Alcor's legal and regulatory committee as well as the research and development committee.  Lisa has a background as an attorney, and currently works in healthcare research technology. 

In today's conversation we discuss: Trusts and their usefulness to Cryoncists + Lisa and Patrick Harris's own efforts in this space! 

  • Patient Care Trusts 
  • Alcor Care Trusts 
  • Lisa's Personal Revival Trust
  • How to deal with long term risk 
  • Balancing asset-growth with risk mitigation
  • When is the right time to be looking into this issue? How much by way of assets do you need before this makes sense? 
  • Incentivizing your future heirs to behave accordingly 
  • Should you bury your treasure like a pirate?

Trust us... you don't wanna miss it!

As always, you can find Max and Daniel over at the Cryonics Underground Channel in the Cryosphere Cryonics discord chat server.

You can also find Lisa here and get in touch directly with any questions you may have for her.